In Short

IFIJ is a crowdfunded initiative, powered by Israel’s most distinguished independent journalists and bloggers, who joined forces to cooperatively conduct fearless, unbiased investigative journalism projects for the benefit of the Israeli public.

The Story Behind IFIJ

Our vision: An independent, investigative journalism body which has the means to finance journalists who work passionately for the public, while the wisdom of the crowd provides them with the topics which really matters the most for the public. The public takes the seat as the chief editor, clearing any concern of the investigators being under the influence of political or corporate interests.


Investigative journalism is the heart of journalism. The most important pieces ever conducted in Israel made way for shifts in norms and legislation – from the Rabin US dollar account to the JNF becoming more and more transparent in front of us.

But insufficient funds, fear of liability suits, biased interests, cross ownership of Israeli tycoons and increasing governmental influence – all of these make it harder for in-depth articles to be written, for investigative journalism to be conducted and therefore journalists, the watchdogs of democracy, are in shackles. Therefore, we have founded an independent body in which allows the public to choose what will be investigated and will have light shed upon it. Together, we will raise the funds for articles that we believe we have the ability to investigate on, and we will take action in order for it to be widely published.

Unlike mainstream media which tells us what they want to be heard, Here is where you suggest what will be investigated and rate other suggested topics. The issue which will enjoy the widest public support, will be carried out. We will investigate, uncover and publish.


An investigative journalism fund which finances independent journalists who work for the people and who are under public guidance.

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